We Hack The SDGs

At Inclusive Innovation we really like the term “hack” because for us it means scoping and cutting through thick, overwhelming problems, and zeroing-in on concrete solutions that people can put into action. Being a hacker also means being clever, and maybe a little impatient about having an impact.

Hack SDGs

How do we hack?

Impact Labs


Our Impact Labs are immersive, interactive workshops. Each Lab produces actionable projects that offer novel and concrete solutions to tackle complex challenges, like the SDGs. We gather traditional actors, such as development and aid organizations, corporate funding agencies, and scientists, policy makers, together with unconventional ones, like farmers, social workers, health care workers, teachers and parents, to include those who are most impacted by the problems, and the solutions.

Next Gen Leader Labs


Our Next Gen Leader Labs are not your average leadership training experience.  We engage participants in a reflective exploration of their own leadership style, using a collective leadership framework and a collaborative toolkit that will help them inspire and empower the people around them. 


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We stir the pot with interactive workshop designs that provoke people’s thinking so they can create meaningful solutions to real problems and feel emboldened to make them happen. And we always give people a toolkit, exposing them to new and different ways of working with each other, which often changes how they work, moving forward.

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Don’t just take it from us.  Let our partners — and our participants — do the talking.

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