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At Inclusive Innovation, we don’t “moderate” meetings, but rather we facilitate highly interactive events in which people roll up their sleeves, engage in thoughtful and useful conversations and activities that lead to productive output.

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Interactive and Engaging

We “choreograph” our workshops; we move people into subgroups (small tables or breakouts) to stimulate their thinking and give them a chance to hear from each other in comfortable doses. We know there are moments where full group presentations and discussions are important, and, we like to balance plenary activity with small group conversations and exercises, to maximize the participation of everyone in the room, or the Zoom. We try to do this all without making people uncomfortable or over-chaperoned. Generally, people report the right mix of moving about and interacting with the rest of the participants. This is the case with both our virtual and in-person events.

Creative Methods

Our method employs elements from a number of creative processes. At the core is Creative Problem Solving (CPS), the oldest and most researched deliberate creativity methodology, which is flexible and resilient in a wide range of situations. It offers a non-prescriptive approach to problem solving. Inclusive Innovation also employs the tools and techniques of Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry. With a wide range of different tools in our back pocket, we can remain agile and responsive to what’s happening in a meeting, even if it’s not what we originally put on the agenda.

Developing Capacity

At Inclusive Innovation, we are deliberate about shedding light on the collaboration tools we use and why they work. Developing creative and collaborative capacity is critical to how our work makes a lasting difference.

In all our events — whether Impact Labs, Leader Labs or custom events — we use a rich tool kit, and we don’t keep it to ourselves. We’re transparent about how the process works; we share our method and our toolkit with the funders, organizers, and participants.

Make it Yours

We invite people to try out and try on our collaborative tools, and decide how best to employ them for their situation, their culture, the system that they work in. We invite the participants in our workshops to appropriate the tools we use, to create their own toolkit from ours, so they can continue to solve problems creatively and collaboratively. That way, the projects they’ve started can be sustainable long after the workshop is finished.

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