Our Impact Labs

We’ve spent the last 20 years refining our approach to the creative process, evolving how we bring together diverse perspectives and skill sets to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges (you can read more about our history here).


Our Impact Labs are designed to bring people together in a creative, free-thinking environment – away from their everyday routines and responsibilities – to deliver:


  • An immersive multi-day workshop (in-person, virtual or hybrid) for 20 to 35 participants from different walks of life, working together to scope and redefine the challenge at hand to generate novel project ideas that are peer reviewed on the spot.


  • A proven approach to problem solving, based on the latest research in creative theory and behavioral science (including Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry)


  • 5 to 7 actionable, fundable projects that offer concrete solutions to addressing the SDGs and spur additional future exchanges and collaborations beyond the lab. Project groups vie for funding with their final project presentations.
  • Capacity building and knowledge exchange because we are deliberate about shedding light on the collaboration tools we use, why they work and how to keep using them long after the workshop is finished.


  • A network of engaged professionals and stakeholders from different disciplines and domains who would never otherwise have interacted with each other, and go on to form additional collaborations beyond the workshop.

“It’s amazing what happens when we collect a mix of players and their thinking collides, new ideas emerge, as does a real feeling of commitment to taking action on any project ideas that are generated.”