The Backstory

It starts with the facilitation team at Knowinnovation, specialists in accelerating scientific innovation. Major funding agencies in the US and the UK bring together scientists from diverse disciplines around complex scientific questions, and Knowinnovation helps them imagine and develop cutting-edge research projects to address it.

We wondered if we could bring what we do with scientists to the field of development.  That’s how we started to work with organizations that deal with economic inclusion, access to education, health services, smart agriculture, social entrepreneurship — basically projects that improve the lives of people who are short on resources.

Our core facilitators come from the Knowinnovation team, people skilled in the science of creativity and the art of making a meeting dynamic and engaging.  As we expand to different regions around the globe – and it’s happening fast – we’re adding people who can help us understand the context and converse in the local languages.

What they say about us

Don’t just take it from us.  Let our clients — and our participants — do the talking.

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